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Plums and white chocolate flognarde

There was a failure of white chocolate ganache in my refrigerator since Thursday when I baked a batch of cupcakes for a cake sale in Estela's school. They were collecting money to sent to the children of Thailand, something the kids in her school do few times during the year, every year. The cupcakes were delicious, dark chocolate cake which was suppose to receive a white chocolate ganache frosting. I am not sure what went wrong, but the ganache wouldn't settle, even after I had added double the amount of chocolate. There was some problem with that chocolate so I made a last minute cream cheese and vanilla frosting and the cupcakes a huge success.

Today, when I was conceiving the dessert for this Saturday, I knew we had the fruits and at least 350 grams of floppy ganache to rescue. The solution recipe was a flognarde with the white chocolate ganache and the plums which made a great pair. I make flognarde a lot because I simply love this dessert. It is really comfort food and one of my favorite desserts for everyday life.

The result was delicious. The white chocolate cream was so good, so good, that I really became proud of my idea. The plums were ripe and soft but not very sweet what made a gorgeous partnership with the already sweet white chocolate. I am always a little bit afraid of the results of cooking with white chocolate because it can get really sweet sometimes.

The fact is: I am not sure I can ever repeat this recipe because it is the result of a series of unique situations that occurred during the day. First the rescue of the ganache which had wrong amounts of cream and chocolate, second the only milk package I had at home was spoiled even if the date was still good and Per was out with the kids and the car, third the box of corn starch was also empty even if it was still inside the kitchen cabinet. In face of those I had to rearrange things and it ended perfectly well.

Plums and white chocolate flognarde

10 plums
200 grams of white chocolate
150 ml of heavy cream
1 cup milk or sour cream/heavy cream
4 eggs
4 tablespoons of sugar
4 tablespoons butter
8 tablespoons corn starch/flour
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Butter and sprinkle sugar in six large but individual ramekins. Place the plums cut in medium-small pieces in the ramekins and sprinkle some of the sugar on the fruit. Make a ganache with the chocolate and the heavy cream and let it cool completely. Whisk the eggs with sugar and vanilla. Mix the chocolate ganache with milk/sour cream. Add chocolate mixture to egg mixture. Add butter and mix well. Add flour/corn starch and mix until incorporated. Divide batter over fruit in the ramekins until the fruit is covered by batter. Bake for 20 minutes at 190C until you get a dry stick from the batter.

Drizzle some confectioners sugar on top before serving. Can be served warm.

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