terça-feira, 25 de novembro de 2008

In the lunchbox: puff pastry fish

This little fishes are an idea of Moira of the blog Tertulia de Sabores here who made them for a 'finger food' event promoted by the blog Mirepoix. If you like my fishes you can vote for Moira here.

I totally fell in love with Moira's idea and knew I had to make it to the kids. Made out of puff pastry molded to look like a fish these little treats can be filled with anything your child enjoy to eat. Moira's fishes had tuna filling while my fishes have ham, cheese and parsley filling. It remains quite impossible to make the kids in this house eat tuna. They can eat the fish made out of puff pastry but not with tuna filling, at least not yet.

(before going into the oven!)

Aren't they beautiful? Well, my fishes can not be compared to those made by Moira, which are much more handsome than my little ones but this is my first time. Next time I will try making them smaller and I won't be so lazy to make nice drawings on the 'skin' of the fish. By the way, I have just baked these fishes and they will be a surprise in the lunch box tomorrow.

2 comentários:

Moira disse...

Ficaram muito bonitos Cláudia, os meus também sairam alguns tortinhos, só que na foto não se nota ;)
As crianças vão adorar de certeza.
Entretanto lembrei-me de uma coisa, da próxima vez temos que fazer uns furinhos imperceptíveis em algumas escamas para o recheio respirar e não insuflar os peixinhos, como se faz nas empadas.

Michelle disse...

They're so cute! Being a marine biologist, I might just have to *steal* this idea! I love anything ocean related!

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