sexta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2008

Living in Narnia...

The weather around here shows that it is officially winter even if it was suppose to be autumn. During autumn the leaves are supposed to turn yellow and red and fall. But not here, not in Trondheim, not in Norway. Autumn here is something more symbolic, when the days get really, really short and dark and it gets pretty cold, and colder and colder and even colder. The temperatures go below zero and everyday life is a serious issue. We can also count that there will be a lot of snow in autumn, sometimes by the end of October the snow is already here, everywhere in this country except for a thin stripe on the West coast.

This year we were quite lucky and what I call the Narnian life style has caught us a little later since it was not until yesterday that the snow storms began to last the entire day and night. Esthetically the result is amazing, white landscape which turns blue in the pictures, with amazing forms, textures and colors. I can't deny the beauty behind the cold white days. The snow creates a different environment, the colors as I said, but even the sound. The acoustic changes and it feels like one is in a dream. It is pretty weird for me because I am a girl from the tropics and I feel I am inside a fairy tale, living on the pages of an adventure book such as Narnia for example.

I love to experiment with the camera and I have been doing some with speed and flash experiments with an old digital Nikon. It was just for fun but I found that some of the results are pretty amazing.

Inside the wardrobe

While the children love to play outside with the snow and talk about winter all year long I feel happy for them. Although inside I am the most miserable person in the world. While the days are white and cold I stay inside the 'wardrobe' cooking and thinking how much I would love to make time goes faster so I could move our life to the beaches of Narnia 2. That would be fun for me.

Sweet potato bread

Today I baked a delicious sweet potato bread which was so soft and tasty. The recipe of the Sweet Potato Bread is from the blog Magia na Cozinha, and can be found in English here

As I preferred a slightly salty breads I added only one table spoon of sugar instead of the five recommended by the recipe and I also added an extra table spoon of salt to the recipe. The potato is already sweet so the bread didn't get salty keeping the sweetness of the potato very subtle. It tasted perfect for me. Thanks Xará!

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thepassionatecook disse...

oh how i wish for some snow here! it's bee terribly cold and windy of late, but no sign of snow. i just wish my boys could grow up doing snowball fights like i had when i was a kid... apparently there might be snow on sunday - keep your fingers crossed for me!

Anônimo disse...

Ontario has an amazing autumn, full of blazing colours, and even when I get a little frustrated living in a foreign country I have to appreciate the beautiful seasons. We had our first snow last week and, even though it's early and technically still autumn, it was just so pretty.

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