domingo, 5 de janeiro de 2014

New Year to The Missing Flavor

Near two years ago, all of sudden, I stopped writing posts to this blog. So many things stopped me from writing, all sorts of things, but now I see me here, coming back after all.

I am very glad to be here, right back to square one again. If I remember well, I used to enjoy blogging immensely, I could dream about posts and images, and recipes, and stories, and now I want that feeling back.

So since a new year has just started, it seems just perfect to start again, to throw some new vibrations over this little blog and hope to see it grow... It is after all a hope I send myself too, I hope to get inspired, to feel good and healthy enough to be able to write and let my creativity flow freely.

For 2014 all I want is to live my creativity to its utmost capacity and let nothing stop me. Nothing. Happy new year everyone.

Hope you are all there, somewhere.
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