terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2009

While they were sleeping: microwave chocolate pudding

For years I have kept a very delicate relationship with my microwave. I can't exactly recall when this strange situation started, if it was a reflex of my natural indifference to kitchen gadgets as I have never been very enthusiastic of innovations in the kitchen or if it is related to some failures my mother used to relate. She has many microwaves dramas to tell but she remains to this day the most faithful user of microwaves. In the kitchen I am very simple girl, I don't mind the technological stuff. I like to keep things simple and I love to use my hands. I am more in search of simple flavors, family recipes, old secrets to comfort me. Brigadeiro is one of these simple flavors and it is all so simple and comforting. You don't really need any technology to make it right but technology can really make it easy.

Last night, moved by gluttony, impatience and a powerful desire to eat brigadeiro I challenged my past and reviewed my relationship with my microwave to make some late night pudding. I searched old recipes but was really inspired by a recipe published by Nana in her blog Manga com Pimenta here. I have made some changes in the recipe, as usual. Instead of milk I used heavy cream and 3 whole eggs instead of using only the yolks.

After mixing, buttering and draining I microwaved it! Yes, yes, I microwaved it and in 10 minutes my brigadeiro pudding was ready and delicious. I am used to bake this pudding in the conventional oven and found that the result is less soft and more dense when baked in the microwave, but the flavor is exactly the same. To make it less dense you must adjust the time of baking.

It was already 1:00 a.m when I sat and ate my individual brigadeiro pudding while it was still warm. I like it warm but I think they are more tasty and feels lighter once they have been chilled.

Microwave Brigadeiro Chocolate Pudding

330 ml of condensed milk
330 ml of heavy cream
1 tablespoon butter + more for pan
6 tablespoons of chocolate powder
3 medium eggs

Butter a microwave resistant pan or six individual ramekins and reserve. In a bowl of a electric mixer combine condensed milk, heavy cream, eggs, butter and chocolate to incorporate, for 30 seconds. Strain through a fine sieve to remove solids and transfer mixture to the prepared pan or ramekin. Fill only half of the pain as the mixture will raise in the oven. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes at high potency. The exact time will depend on the power of your microwave and the size of the pan you are using. The individual ramekins will be ready in 3 to 4 minutes. I baked three individual ramekins (3 minutes each) and a bigger pan with half of the mixture for 10 minutes. The pudding was a little bit hard as i like it more soft so I guess 8 minutes would have been enough.

Obs: You can also bake this pudding in the conventional oven. Butter a pan or the ramekin and bake in bain-marie for 30 minutes at 180C/350F.

You can also use silicone molds to bake this pudding and in this case you don't need to butter the mold.

Serves 6

P.S. Don´t bake while everybody sleeps and the night is high, you will end up with a bunch of rubbish pictures and a bad post...

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