terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010

In a Cathedral state of mind

Nidaros Domen, Trondheim's majestic cathedral. All the Norwegian kings are crowned in Nidaros Domen.

Maybe it is because we live in a town which is marked by the monumental presence of one of Europe oldest medieval cathedral or, maybe, it is just some kind of unconscious way of expressing my appreciation of the religious environment. I must confess that consciously speaking I don't miss any of the religious rituals forced into my life by family traditions which I left behind as soon as I could. Even if I am an atheist, I love cathedrals, their majestic presence, provocative language and powerful symbolism. But I can see through their powerful provocative language, what speaks to me are the amazing strength behind the human beings who gave their lives to design and construct those temples. In the pictures Nidaros Domen, here in Trondheim and two amazing French cathedrals we visited this rainy summer: Notre Dame de Reims or Our Lady of Reims and another Notre Dame, the Strasbourg Cathedral or Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg.

Notre Dame de Reims, the old Cathedral de Saint Remi is a beautiful cathedral, World heritage, but I fell for the Notre Dame in Strasbourg...

I was astonished by the adoration of this old sister in front of the huge cathedral. She sat there, and sat, and sat, for hours observing the grandeur of the medieval architecture. We walked around, got some info from the tourist office and she was still there observing, trying to find some answers, maybe.

The Cathedral of Strasbourg was really beautiful and looked more dramatic during those gray and rainy days of July. The weather didn't help the pictures but the entire visit was really amazing.

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Anônimo disse...

Magnificent photos, thanks Claudia! Majestic and awe-inspiring...I can understand how they held the nun's attention for so long!


Claudia disse...


She looked so cute while sitting there admiring la grandeusse de la cathedral or maybe she was reflecting on our human condition. Who knows, I like to observe and imagine!



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