segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

As red as peach jam

Last week I bought two boxes of beautiful Spanish peaches and even though they were sweet and tasty they were simply too many. Since we couldn't finish them all a jam was definitely a noble end to those fruits. I love peach jams and I suspect that is the main reason why I always buy too many peaches and have plenty of peaches for my jams. Two boxes of peaches in a house full of other fruits were more than our little family could eat, specially considering that Per recently became allergic to peaches.

I make peach jam mostly for me, and I eventually share some jars with a lovely Brazilian friend who also loves peach jam. We like to eat the jam with Maria cookies. Not the best cookie in the world, not at all, but they fit so well with peaches.

I keep the skins on the fruits to make the jam and it might shock some people but I simply adore the red color provided by skin. The skin of the peaches also carry a lot of sugars which contributes to give a more intense flavor. In this jam I used both yellow and white Spanish peaches and they were both amazing but excessively ripe to please the kids.

Red peach jam

8 ripe peaches (aproximately 600 grams)
7-8 tablespoons of sugar
4 tablespoons of water
Juice of half a lemon


Wash the peaches and brush the skins a little bit. Half the fruits, remove the stones and chop the halves in small peaces. In a small saucepan over medium heat boil peaches and sugar. Once the mixture boils reduce the heat to low and let it cooks for 20 minutes, mixing every now and then. If the mixture looks too dry, or too thick, add some tablespoons of water and mix once more. The jam is ready when the skins and the flesh of the peaches have disintegrated totally forming an homogeneous red mixture. Remove from heat and let it cool before serving.

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Camila Castro disse...

Yamy! But where do you get the jam jars here in Norway?

Claudia disse...


Actually, those I bought here in Trondheim, I bought them in IKEA but you can find some fancy Italian ones in Coop OBS also.


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