domingo, 29 de março de 2009

My floating islands

It is always the same story. Some eggs and I. Eggs, sugar and I, together, forever and ever. This time the eggs were separated, baked into meringues which were served floating in custard. Floating islands is the kind of dessert which reminds me of my grandmother's house, long weekends in the country side visiting family and friends. As soon as I found this recipe with the most beautiful islands I have ever seen I knew I had to make some islands myself. Terrible thing gluttony, to be moved by greedy hungry eyes and the desire to try some food. I am not proud. Anyway, I follow the recipe in details except for the fact that I did not use chamomile in the custard and I flavored the meringue with lime zest. The result looked good but was a little bit too sweet for our taste.

The original recipe of Floating Islands

For the islands:

4 (150 grams) egg whites
300 grams sugar
Zests of 1/2 lime
Pinch of salt
Butter for the ramekins

For the custard (creme anglaise)

6 egg yolks
500 ml milk
100 grams sugar
Scraps of half vanilla pod


In a bowl over boiling water whisk egg whites, salt and sugar until the sugar starts to melt and the egg whites turn shiny and white. Remove bowl from heat and whisk the egg whites until stiff meringue are formed. Add lime zest and whisk a little more. Butter six small ramekins and divide the meringue among them. Bake at 140C in a hot water bath covered with aluminum foil for 30 minutes.

Custard (creme anglaise)

In a saucepan boil the milk with half of the sugar and the scraps of the vanilla pod. In another bowl beat yolks with the other half of the sugar. Add milk to egg yolks whisking vigorously so the yolks do not curdle. Return the mixture to heat and cook until 84C or until the custard coats the back of the spoon. Remove from heat, let it cool and refrigerate.

Serves 6

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