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Sense of place (2): Marzipan chips

I have been playing with marzipan recently, trying to find the best way to make marzipan, the best texture and the best taste. I am trying to make the ultimate Norwegian cake and cookie, the kranse kake which is made of a more complex type of marzipan dough that includes some other ingredients. While in search of the perfect marzipan for my own home made kranse kake I try to find different uses for all the marzipan I have made.

The taste is the perfect mixture of almond and caramel with a crunchy and yet chewy sensation. For more about the Christmas cookies event here

Marzipan Chips

200g Marzipan
1 egg

Mix some sugar and cinnamon and set aside. Beat the egg and set aside. On a clean surface roll the marzipan into a 3 cm thick and cut 1 cm thick slices. Lay the marzipan slices on baking pan with parchment paper leaving some space between the slices. Brush the egg mixture and sprinkle some of the sugar and cinnamon mixture and bake the marzipan at 180C/350F for 5 to 8 minutes or until the cookies have melted and golden.

The cookie won't be hard enough to be removed from the pan so let them cool in the pan and remove once they have cooled completely and are hard enough to be removed without breaking apart. The result is a slightly sweet, crunchy and chewy almond caramel with cinnamon aroma. Lovely if served together with coffee or tea.

Follow me as I celebrate the Norwegian seven cookies tradition this Christmas. Until December 23th I will be publishing one cookie a day in honor of the ancient Norwegians and the Sami population of Norway.

2 comentários:

Simone Izumi disse...

ok, isso é totalmente inédito para mim!!!!
que criatividade maravilhosa!!!
deve ter ficado com um sabor sensacional! E o cheiro pela casa??

Susan from Food Blogga disse...

How fun! These are new to me, so I'm excited to add them to the cookie jar!

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